1. The photo contest is open to ALL photographers, whether amateur or professional, except employees of the contest’s sponsors and their immediate family members.

2. Submitted photos should have been taken no earlier than 1978, and may be color or black and white. Each contest entrant may submit up to three different entries.

3. A written description and explanation of each entry should be included with each individual submission. Such accompanying passages must not exceed 500 words.

4. Entrants should possess all copyrights to their entered photos and accept total responsibility for any dispute which may subsequently arise concerning intellectual property and portraiture rights.

5. Photos which have been altered or generated by computer will not be accepted.

6. Entries should showcase work, and the benefits thereof, related to poverty relief. Entries not meeting this requirement or which are deemed to contain images depicting scenes of violence, death and/or pornography will not be accepted.

7. Submission

1) Hard copy submissions

Rectangular printed entries must be 10 inches long (25cm).

Square entries must be 8*8inches (20*20cm). Irregular-shaped entries must not exceed 80 square inches. Entries need not be framed, and each entry should be accompanied by a completed entry form. Required information must also be provided on the reverse of the entrants’ photos. In the event that an entry is deemed to be incomplete in any way, the entry will be disqualified. 

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